The black crotch is not going to be a common concern. Maybe just our couple just pay attention. But of course this will also affect our confidence in front of the couple. Furthermore, our spouse may be more passionate when he sees thighs and smooth white crotch, hehe.

Udah lah, immediately wrote, here's how to whiten the area of ​​the groin with a natural black material. This traditional herb has proven efficacious, so please try which one is the easiest.

The fruit of cucumber
The fruit that became the favorite of deer in these fairy tales was also efficacious to remove the black area in the groin. The trick is easy, grate one fresh cucumber with one lemon. Mix well. Apply the herb on the black groin area. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Lemon Fruit
Take one lemon, then split into two parts. Rub the lemon pieces gently into the black crotch area. Do not rub too hard because it will cause irritation. Let stand 10 minutes then rinse with clean water. Perform routine 2 times a day after every bath.

Pure coconut oil and orange peel
The trick is very easy, grab the orange peel and drip coconut oil on it. After that, rub on the black crotch. Let stand for about 10 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water. Do it regularly twice a week.

Pure coconut oil is an oil produced from coconut extract (usually heated). Instead of cooking oil used for cooking.

In addition to being used for removing the armpits and overcoming body odor alum can also be used to define the crotch. The way is quite easy, take a few pieces of alum then dissolve with hot water. After that use the cloth to be applied to the groin.

Limestone and lime
Mixture of whiting and lime can be used to whiten crotch. Way, take whiting enough to add the lime juice and lime juice. But be careful not to be exposed to the feminine area in order to avoid irritation. Do this 3 times a week on a regular basis.

Use skin whitening cream
Creams containing salicylic acid, hydroquinone, or alpha hydroxyl acids are usually effective in repairing skin texture and whitening skin.

Homemade whitening cream
You can make it from turmeric powder, yogurt, and lime juice made by pasta. Use as a natural antiseptic and bleach that can explain dark skin in the groin area.

Using traditional means and natural materials for a purpose is not instantaneous. It takes process, patience, and persistence, including if you want to whiten crotch. Do it regularly.

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