Having healthy and beautiful hair and beautiful, is certainly a yearning and pride for almost everyone. Not just women, but also men. But sometimes there are things that damage the beauty of our hair, such as hair loss [ how to treat hair loss ]pollution, and the wrong diet.

However, there are many natural ingredients that can nourish hair and prevent hair loss. And here's how to naturally naturally grow hair

Natural Ways of Fertilizing Hair
 Fertile Hair "height =" 124 "src =" https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-26m32h4DFco/UtoOQdNAfKI/ AAAAAAAAApo / F8GXSQSBSX0 / s1600 / hair-subur.jpg "title =" Fertile Hair "width =" 200 "/> </a> Take 10 fresh young leaves, a handful of urang-aring leaves, 5 mangkokan leaves, 1 sheet Pandan leaves, 10 jasmine flowers, and 1 rose, after being washed and cut into pieces, put all the ingredients into the enamel pan, then add the oil of sesame, coconut oil and hazelnut oil each 1/2 cup. (19459005) <b> Watermelon Fruit Fertilizes Hair </b> <br /> Take a piece of watermelon skin that leaves only the hard, white flesh, and it is ready to be used. Scrub it on the scalp evenly, Do it in the afternoon, then leave sem Alaman to absorb. The next morning, wash your hair thoroughly. Do it once a week. </p>
<p> <b> Javanic acid </b> <br /> Take some seeds of tamarind fruits. How to use it, before shampooing with shampoo, head massaged first with the acid seed of Java. </p>
<p> <b> Urang-Aring leaves </b> <br /> Take 1 handful of crushed Urang-Aring leaves, plus 2 glasses of water, then filtered. Water filter was condensed one night. How to use it, apply the herb water to the scalp dampened while massaged, once a day. </p>
<p> <b> Aloe vera </b> <br /> Take fresh aloe vera leaves to split, to be taken inside the apparently gelatinous, rubbed into the scalp after an afternoon bath, then wrapped in a cloth, the next day the hair is washed . Used every day for 3 months to achieve satisfactory results. </p>
<p> <b> Mangkokan Leaf </b> <br /> Wash clean old mangkokan leaves that are fresh as much as 10 pieces then finely ground. Add a little coconut oil while stirring until it is like mush. Then filter and squeeze. The juice is applied to the scalp while lightly massaged. Allow to dry, then washed hair thoroughly. Do it every day until you see the results. </p>
<p> Way, apply the oil mixture to the entire scalp while lightly massaged. Do the treatment at night before bed, tomorrow morning hair was washed. Do it regularly 2 – 3 times a week. </p>
<p> <b> Randu leaves </b> <br /> Wash 30 fresh waru leaves and 20 freshly pickled leaves (<i> Ceiba pentandra Gaertn </i>.), Then milled until smooth. Add 2 tablespoons of castor oil and juice of 1 lime, stirring until blended. Strain the ingredients using a piece of cloth while squeezing. Use the juice to rub the scalp while lightly massaged. Do the afternoon after bathing, then wrap the hair with a towel or a piece of cloth. Next, wash your hair the next day. Do it 3 times a week. </p>
<p> <b> Waru Leaves </b> <br /> Wash 15 sheets of young leaves, then knead in 1 cup of clean water until the water is thickened like a cincau ingredient. Next, squeeze and strain using a piece of cloth. Dew liquids collected overnight. The next morning, use the liquid to wet your <a href=hair and scalp. As a result, the head becomes cool and hair will grow more fertile.

Okay, that's some tips to nourish your hair traditionally natural and powerful. Also read, how to blacken hair with natural ingredients.

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